Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show n Tell

Little Guy had his first show n tell this week for his preschool class.  We were very excited.  That morning, I told him today is your show n tell and he runs to his room. He knew exactly was his was going to show and I couldn't sway him in the least, so off to school we go.
He had to prepare three clues, so his friends could guess it.

Clue #1 - It has two eyes.

Clue #2 - It has a shirt.

Clue #3 - It is yellow.

It's Pooh Bear.

Winnie the Pooh.
Given to Buddy when he was born by Cousin Kim from her trip to Disney Land.

LG loves the fact that he has a shirt. And when asked what the shirt says, he replies,
 "it say I want to go to school"
Ok, School must now be spelled P-O-O-H.
Got three of the letters right! Love you, LG!

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