Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk O' Treat

I simply love the fact that our church has a trunk o' treat event, so that we don't have to walk around a neighborhood full of people we don't really know for trick or treating.  Its so much fun and the kids love it.

Want to guess what the boys were this year?  Do you think one or both was once again a jedi?

Obi Wan Kanobi

Soccer Guy

We had a few issues with Buddy's behavior and attitude leading up to Halloween season and quite frankly he didn't get an outfit.  I kind of felt guilty, but the Man and I stuck to your decision and didn't get him an outfit.  Thus he had to come up with something from the costume tub or his closet.  He happily chose to wear his soccer uniform. 

Buddy's outfit from last year - LG wore it proudly!

He is so handsome.

He's got the moves.

At trunk o treat, we immediately ran into Zkid who was Annikan Skywalker.  He and Obi Wan had a small lightsaber duel. 
And Buddy took off with his friends, we didn't see him for about a half hour.  I'm so glad I can trust him and we are in a safe environment for him to run around.  They had a blast.

At last but not least...

Our little ghost.

To sum up the night in two words:  SUGAR OVERLOAD!

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