Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

1 - We officially turned on our heat. It was 33 degrees this morning. Told you fall only last about 2 weeks here.  Ugh to the electric bill to come and Ugh to the dust it blew out and cause LG to sneeze and cough all night long.

2 - On the playground after school, Buddy and his friends have taken to collecting 100s of acorns. HUNDREDS.

3 - I had a lunch date with the Man this week and it was wonderful.

4 - I found Elsie Flannagan's blog finally..... I'm so happy.

5 - LG made M.E. a halloween hat at school.

6 - In the process of planning LGs birthday party.  Got the invites out. Now just need to come up with the games.

Trying to mimic the intro screen to Star Wars and think they turned out fabulous. I wrote the invite in yellow. Awesome.

Simply stickers for the outside.
7 - Big weekend coming up, soccer, football, and a party. oh my.  I am in charge of favors. And look how cute they are.

In progress.


9 - Babe is sleeping alittle better.  Two night this week, he slept for 5 hours straight. woohoo, if only I had slept for those 5 hours too.  : (

10 - Buddy had a halloween party today! 

I'm thinking on doing all homemade gifts this year, but of course haven't started on anything, just some ideas... Got to get busy.

12 - Happy Friday!

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