Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Got Wet!

This morning found us hustling to a 9AM soccer game. For us, this was early to be out of the house on a Saturday.  I'll just tell you - there were no baths.  And we managed to make it to the game right on time, but forgot the camera and decided against iphone pics because it wouldn't be able to capture the speed of Buddy.

Right out of the gate, we score for the other team. 0 - 1.
After having no practices for the last two weeks, we really thought the kiddos would be rusty but it turned out to be their best game yet. Buddy would score 2 goals and send two goalies to the benches for a power kicked ball to the gut. He has a leg on him.

We would win 7 - 3! Awesome!

After the game we headed East to a Cub Scout Belt Loop Fair.  It was a day camp event for cubscouts to complete trainings/participate in activities to earn a belt loop to wear on their cubscout belt. Buddy was pretty excited about this.  So off we go.

First stop, Chik-fil-A for the Man some coffee and us a quick snack.
Its official. I would weight 500 lbs if I lived close to this place and could eat these chicken nugget wrapped in honey biscuit goodness.

Moments after arriving it started to sprinkle, then rain, then storm. I was windy, chilly and not fun for Babe and M.E.

Buddy was having fun though and loved every second of it.

Here he's got his sights set and shots the target.  I must say I was impressed with his ability to hit the target and many times.
 After the thunderstorm rolled through while we were in a picnic shelter and Buddy learned how to play marbles, he was off to archery.

I think the Man was having just as much fun as Buddy.

Couldn't zoom much with the phone.

 After this adventure and two restroom breaks with LG and trying to nurse Babe outside in the rain. I decided I'd had enough.
A happy LG and M.E. to be out of the rain and headed home.

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