Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 days off update

As the Man was duck hunting and I was home all day in my pajamas I did laundry and prepared for our evening plans.  Tonight is the first night ever that Beauty and the Beast has been aired on tv.  I was so excited. I think I've only seen this movie once and so I wanted to make a big deal about it and it helped keep my mind off the Man being gone all day and not being in KY.  So I invited A and her little sister J over for a pajama party. And wouldn't you know I didn't get a pic of us in our pajamas. ugh!
But first I got this pic of Babe trying to get out of his rocking chair and get his ball.  He was buckled in and managed to squirm nearly upside down.  It was too funny. He looks so much like Buddy in this pic.

I got fancy and dipped some pretzels in chocolate for our dessert during the movie.
The white chocolate is my favorite.

The Man who left this morning at 1AM finally arrived home at 6:30 PM. Yes, that's over 15 hours of duckness. Here's a pic he got with his phone of the first round of birds. We currently have several ducks with feathers and all in our deep freeze.  He was more than exhausted - but oh so happy.
 Moose the dog. The Man said he was a super retriever.

Near the end of the movie, we got a little thunderstorm.  We had been having off and on thunderstorms all day because of a big cold front.  At 8PM is was still 75 degrees out and at one point we got hail.  We went outside on the porch and I got this for Buddy - sorry we didn't get a coin but it was every bit of dime sized.  That's Carrie's and A's toes in the photo. LOL!
Hailstone in Buddy's hand.
Turns out the boys were just as excited to see Beauty and the Beast as I was. And how cool at the end.  For those who have seen it and those who have not.  When Bell finally kisses the Beast they make fireworks, sunshine and make flowers bloom.  Not that's love!

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