Thursday, November 11, 2010

LG's Thursday

When I went to wake up LG for the day, this is what I discovered.
He slept with his Indi Hat.

We then got ready and made our way to speech, where Ms. Megan had a birthday surprise for him.  Cookie which they happily decorated and talked.  LG is her first every patience and she has already came a long way with understanding busy, curious little boys.

LG and Ms. Megan at Speech.

 We then stopped by Daddy's work to drop off some of the cub scout popcorn that needs delivering.  And he decided to take us to lunch. I love lunch dates with Daddy.
I love it! 

LG really didn't eat much lunch and by the 3 when it was time to go pick up Buddy, he had a fever.  101.  And you know what this meant? No wrestling for LG. 
He was devastated to say the least.  He really wanted to wrestle so bad, but I've know idea what he's got it anything, he is not complaining, but he definitely has a fever.
So we took Buddy to wrestling and left him with a friend until the Man could get there and bring him home.

Poor LG, I hope he is better by his birthday party.

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