Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, LG!

LG got up this morning and was ready to open some presents.  Grandpa and Nana had mailed a large package which arrived over a week ago and LG has patiently waited until his birthday to open.

He was so happy for it to finally be his birthday.

The real deal. An Indiana Jones hat.

And a real whip.  Watch out.

His teacher at school invited Babe and I to come have lunch with him as a little birthday surprise.  It was really nice to do this.  He will have a November group birthday party later in the month.

After school we would wait on Daddy to get home so we could do his chosen birthday activity. BOWLING!  We are truly blessed we can do this fun things with our boys.
Here is goes.

He's not too bad of a bowler really.

Jumping for a strike.

The Man.

Buddy really wanted at least one strike and got very close many times.

Babe and M.E. It amazes M.E. when I see pictures of myself - I really need to lose my baby weight.  Seriously.


Here's the proof. Whose the best bowler in our family? M.E.
I outscored the Man by 35 pins.  Not that I'm keeping count or anything.

When then headed to the arcade.  Buddy loves this place. The whole I'm-winning-and- collecting-tickets-to-get-a-piece-of-junk, it too much for him. He becomes obsessed.
LG could care less about the tickets he wants to ride and shoot and play.
LG and the Man ride a motorcycle game.  The Man had as much fun as LG, actually we all did.

Happy Birthday, LG!  We love you very, very much.

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