Friday, November 26, 2010

Mission: Find the Perfect Tree

I'm not sure why today is called Black Friday. It should be something like Green Friday because everyone is spending money. Its not like the stock market is crashing again. But anyhow - I had to get out and about. Not to shop per say but needed to get something and take advantage of the Man being home.

I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels ALL BY MYSELF. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
It was wonderful to not hurry, worry about someone breaking something, wanting to buy something and in general a less stress shopping experience. It was nice.

I managed to get lots of things for tomorrow - more on that later and on my way to Michaels I discovered this.
Are you kidding ME?  I now have a chik-fil-a within in 2 miles of my house. This is bad news, seriously bad news.  I will have to use restraint not eat here everyday or even every other day.  We all love this place.  I was most excited and went through drive. Had too!

After our lunch, we headed out in the country to a Christmas tree farm.  The last two years we've use my fake tree and decked it out in my many, many ornaments. But this year the Man insisted we get a real tree. So I said ok, but if the branches are too weak to hold my ornaments I'm putting up the fake one in the kitchen or playroom.

We had the perfect day for our outing.
(pictures are taken with my phone, as I was carrying Babe the whole time)

The boys had a great time running through the tree field.

Most of the trees grown here are cedars - not ideal for a Christmas tree, especially when you've lived in WA and know what a real tree is like. 

Buddy found a little Charlie Brown tree that was free.  So we decided to let the boys get it.  
The Man cuts the boys tree.

What a Man.

The boys tree.

We would settle on getting a pre cut tree imported from Oregon, go figure.
Then we jumped on the wagon for a hayride around the farm.

I'm not sure what's so funny here.

Babe refused to look at the camera.  But he had a blast.

I couldn't help but think of Clark Griswald - seriously a national lampoons moment.

 After several hours of furniture rearranging, cleaning and a trip to walmart, we managed to get the tree up.
Its perfect.
 Buddy spent his $12 he has been saving on a battleship board game. So we spent the rest of the evening having a battleship marathon. 
You sank my battleship!

A Happy Day!


  1. I LOVE the Charlie Brown tree AND that is TOTALLY a Griswald moment. Clint would be proud. HAHAHA Thanks for sharing. Miss you Sarah!!! Angie A

  2. Love the "moment" the boys tree...cannot wait to see after and miss ya