Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to M.E.

It was my birthday on Saturday and I decided to fill the day full of activities and fun stuff for M.E. 
It began at 10AM with a visit from D, Zkid's sister.  She loves crafting and as do I. We decided to make a date of it and had us some fun. First we made this fabric mobile. It took forever but it turned out lovely.  It was really cool and I'm happy that we made it, although I'm not sure I'll be making one again.

We made several project - my hopes were to try several so we could figure out what would work best with the girl scouts.  For the last two years and again this year, I do a crafting project with them in May. 

We made fleece pillows, super easy and cute.
 And I made this adorable headband with felt flowers and buttons.  Isn't she pretty?

 A closer look at the headband. I think this is the project we decided would be best for the troop to do.
 Before our crafting was done, Buddy had a friend come over to play.  They started out with the wii, but with Buddy's lack of Wii interest (other than football), they quickly moved on to the outdoors.  Yes, that's LG in Babe's sit and Babe getting a dirty sock.
 LG is too funny.

After D went home and we took Buddy's friend home and the babysitter got here, we quickly got ready and went out for my birthday. Nothing fancy.  We met up with Carrie and Adam at Red Robin for some fish and chips - my fav. and then we headed (in the same parking lot) to this fancy restaurant that has this molten chocolate lava cake for dessert. I have mentioned it before.  We get there and the place is closed for renovations. WHAT? but its my birthday. UGH!!! So we wound up walking over to Johnny Carino's for some pre-made, pre-frozen cheesecake.  oh well. It was still pretty good and we had a great time talking and visiting with our friends. It indeed was a pretty good birthday.

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