Monday, November 15, 2010


LG has waiting months for this day and I truly hope he was not disappointed.
I took near 130 pictures, so I won't share them all with you, but lets just say it was a good day. 
First thing after some major house cleaning, the boys help M.E. make some cupcakes for the party.
 The first egg LG cracked went entirely onto the counter.  He decided to let M.E. do the eggs.

Buddy takes his jobs in the kitchen very seriously.

LG with the mixer.  He did a fabulous job.

First let M.E. say it was a Star Wars party and a Star Wars party it was!

Our guest arrived promptly at 3 and they began a coloring activity. The Man had brought home some large plotter paper from work, so I made a moral of sorts in the corner of the living room for the kids to color and draw on.

 The guest coloring on the space moral.

Then the doorbell rings.
LG and his friend go to see who it is.

Its Darth Vader

The Force is strong with this one. 

LG runs and hides along with several other of his guests.  So I had to convince LG to come back into the living room and ask Darth Vader to take his mask off.   
Its Mr. Adam.  LG gives him a huge hug and says, you scared me.

With his Darth Vader mask and lightsabers, they play.  These three are tight.

I had originally planned several activities for the kids to do while here to make the party go by quicker, but with LG getting sick, it just threw everything off and I neglected to get everything I wanted to done. Ugh.  So we had to turn the cupcakes in a CupCake Decorating Activity, which actually turned out to be fun.
LG and Friends decorate cupcakes.

This little one had about a pound of sugar on her cupcake. It was funny.

LG and his new friend Vader

Happy Birthday to You!

I love you!

Buddy and Darth Vader

Making a wish!

 After this it was time for presents. He got lots of Star Wars things and activities.  We got him some Buzz Lightyear shoes that light up (this was his only request - shoes that light up), flashcards, a Harry Potter magic wand that lights up and makes noise, and the biggy - Harry Potter Lego for the Wii.
He was thrilled.

Reaction to opening Harry Potter game for the Wii.

The gang.

The gang being silly.

Babe and Darth Vader

Thanks to everyone for making his day special and for all the cards and gifts.
Especially Mr. Adam for playing Darth Vader, we love you man.

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  1. Love your parties and miss them like to LG...and I would have been scared of DV too.....can't believe how big the boys are...