Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 Random Thoughts on Where does the time go?

I need a major dose in time management because I can't get anything done.  Seriously, its not like I have a clean house, well behaved children or an awesome project going on - I simply am treading water. 

So here's a week in a post.
I don't like bunching so much in one post, but time, time, time doesn't allow for much else, but hopefully that's all about to change as - we will only have sports 1 night a week this winter. ONE. woohoo! and LG only has one more speech date until after christmas, woohoo!

1 - LG loves his new light up shoes.  He is so funny about them.  He also loved his Harry Potter wii game, but it has proven to be difficult and he is currently grounded from the wii, so its all about the shoes.
 2 - He is grounded for not cleaning his room.  He was a total diaster area.

3 - Basketball practices are in full swing.  Buddy is most excited to be with his friends and playing.  They have 12 boys so they are going to divide them into two teams.  Kind of dreading this.  I really want to be on Zkid's team so D can help M.E. with LG and Babe during games.  Is that selfish?
 4 - Buddy and I have been having some communication issues.  Lots of yelling and pauting going on.  Its not been fun and he's not even a teenager yet.

5 - Cotton Pickin' - Tuesday we stopped to pick some cotton. One of our neighbors has a row of cotton growing at the edge of their property and it just so happens we go to church with them. I spoke with them last week about stopping by and letting the boys pick cotton and they were more than happy for us to stop by. 
 I'm not sure what we will do with it. But it was fun pickin it.
 I wish I knew how and had the time to spin it into yarn.  How cool would that be? Serioulsy it would be Awesome.
 6 - Tuesday, LG, Babe and I had lunch with the Man.  As always it was wonderful.  We got to talk alot about Thanksgiving and we are still on the fence about what to do.

7 - Today was also, Librarian for a Day!  Our sweet little D was the school librarian all day and she had a blast. Babe, LG and I had to go up and see her before school was out. First thing LG said was, like your boots.  He's on a shoe kick right now.  Now that Buddy knows there is such a thing at the auction to be Librarian for a Day, I can almost promise you we will be bidding on this. He loves - no - LOVES the librarian. She is his all time favorite.

 8 - Buddy and I had another round of fighting and I grounded him.  This meant no wrestling for him, just LG. This about did him in. oh my.

9 - I had LG's parent teacher conference on Wednesday.  It was actually very productive.  I think we are on the same page and she said he is talking better, but no good.  Good news, he has lots of friends and is very social.

10 - Our friend Heidi was in the audience on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the foodnetwork.  It was a Thanksgiving cook off with Bobby and the Pioneer Woman and Heidi was invited. We got to see her twice during the show. It was so cool.

11 - Cub Scout Popcorn is in and so we went delivering at the Man's work. It was so funny.  Buddy sold $1000. I can't believe it.  He is so excited to get his prizes.
 How awesome is he.
 12 - Its Thanksgiving Charlie Brown.  Just happen to stumble upon the show moments before it came on and I was soooo excited. Its my all time favorite. I put Babe in his seat and he watched every minute without blinking. He loved it. 
 He kind of looks like Charlie Brown from the back.
Snoopy is my all time favorite for sure. Especially when he is fighting with the chair. Love, Love, Love it.
 13 - So Friday after school the Man and I decided to take the boys back to the bowling ally to finish spending their money and turn in their tickets for prizes.  Last week on LGs birthday we just didn't have time to do this, so we had another round of it. Buddy got over 400 tickets mostly from this basketball game.

 14 - Buddy had his last soccer game of the season on Saturday and you'd know I'd forget my camera. I was so bummed. Almost came back home for it, but decided to just let it go.  Afterwards we had the season party complete with bobble head trophies. Too cool and the boys had a blast.  We only lost 2 games all season and Buddy had a great time playing.

15 - I had a table at church this weekend for my moms group. I handed out activities and ideas for Advent which begins next Sunday. It was nice to fellowship with everyone.

16 - WICKED - I got to go see the broadway musical Wicked again this year. My friend Stephanie from youth group had an extra ticket (she's a season ticket holder) and so I was lucky she invited M.E. An early birthday gift to M.E.
It was wonderful as I remembered and could see it over and over again. It was fabulous.

17 - Its warm here. Like 75 degrees. It does not feel like Thanksgiving.

18 - We are staying in OK for Thanksgiving and its bitter sweet. I'm glad we will get to have a stress free 5 days and hang out together and get some much needed projects done. Its also sad not to be with my family. Love and Miss you all.

19 - 31 days until Christmas. OMG! I seriously need to get some projects done - like Christmas cards.

20 - If I don't have a chance to blog before than - have a Happy Thanksgivings!
I'm thankful for everyone who visits the blog!


  1. So miss you... Happy Thanksgiving...love you all

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Now you know where all the time goes:) Kathy