Saturday, December 4, 2010

Basketball has begun!

Sorry I havent' posted in a couple of days, Babe has been sick with a virus/cold and we have had little to no sleep. Wednesday night he was up every 45 minutes. I twas horrible. I took him to the doctor on Friday just to make sure his lungs were clear before we headed into the weekend and he was good. Doc said, just to let it runs its course. Can do!

So today was Buddy's first Basketball game of the season. Woo Hoo!  We have had only had 3 practices and they were chaos, so I was alittle nervous about losing big time. 
They divided the kiddos up this year, so that there's 6 kids on a team, so they have a lot more playing time. And it was nice, but I miss some of the other parents and kids.

Buddy gets some last minute instructions before the game starts.  He's so ready. 

Heading to the basket.  What do you think of the new haircut? 
First quarter we were down 6 to 5.

Come second quarter they started over at zero on the scoreboard. What?  Apparently some parents complained last year getting beat by 20+ points and requested no scores. So they came up with scoring each quarter individually. I don't care much for it, but it'll work.

Buddy's not tall, this is no secret, so he decided today to take a bunch of shots from 20 feet out. What?  He would manage 1 basket today.

Half time.  We were down by a total of three for the two quarters.  After this I would need to hold Babe and not get anymore pics or keep up with scores. 
Buddy did get a ball to the mouth and bust his lip, but other than that it was a great first game. I was impressed indeed. 

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  1. Nice pics! Yeah! What the heck is up with the score! They even put that change in the rules. So much for keeping up with how you are doing!

    - Chris