Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Around the kitchen

Just thought I'd share some things from around my kitchen today and I'll warn you my kitchen is a mess.

So Babe is eating a full serving of baby food each night and while I'd hope to make all his food from scratch, I'm actually only making about 30%, the other I'm buying. It's all natural and organic at least. But my point us this- I now have all these cute little containers that I can not throw away. It is near physically impossible for ME to toss things like this in the recycle bin because they have such function. So starts my collection of small containers to go in the pantry along with all the gaterade tubs and towel paper tubes. Someone, someday will have a need for such things and I will have a stash ready. It's already happened twice, so I'm completely valid in keeping them. Right!!

In hanging our stocking this poor penguin stocking hook got his head knocked off. I've got to glue him back together. And by not using a stocking for the Man and ME, we only needed three.

This is a wall hanging that spells SNOW with a tree dangling on the end. LG was very concerned that this decoration was not hung up yet and was swinging it around, asking repeatedly to hang it. My response - put it before you break it. Followed immediately by - oops, I broke it.
Thus something else to glue back together.

Buddy's native American teepee made at cubscouts a week ago. Still wondering what to do with. I'm hoping to convince him to put it outside for elves and fairies.

I'm trying to establish a filing system to get organized and eliminate paper clutter, another goal of 2011. I'm not a hoarder, really.

These things were in the van for over a week and now they've been sitting in the kitchen for two days. They will eventually get put away. Maybe when we run out of diapers but they will get put away.
So there's the kitchen minus the dirty dishes, multiple backpacks, and dirty floor.
Happy Wednesday!

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