Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PreSchool Christmas Program

One of my most cherish and favorite things in the whole wide world, the PreSchool Christmas program.  Fact: It is impossible to not smile or even cry when the little ones come out in their costumes to sing songs.  Its just too much.
This year LG being in preK was part of the Nativity, a towns person as a matter of fact.
I couldn't help but think of Linus on Charlie Brown with his blankie on his head.

His class sang, We Wish You a Merry Christmas. LG sang We Miss You a Merry Christmas.  It was hilarious, as he practices all week.

Then it was time for the Nativity to start.  The townspeople looked around for the star and angels.

They would also see brother and his friend who got excused from class to come see their siblings perform.  Not sure if LG ever saw Buddy, but Buddy was happy to be there.

The townspeople looked hi and lo for the little Babe.

There He is with his mom and dad.  That's our great friends A  and Luke as Mary & Joseph (they were both at LGs Darth Vader party).  I was so excited for A to play Mary, she is very mature for her age and really was in tune with the role she was playing.  Too precious. 

Merry Christmas!

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