Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Makin' & Bakin'

I'm happy... Want to know why?  I've been home making and lovin' it.
So after the Great Sock Discover of 2010, I got to crafting. I made a couple of Christmas presents for a special little 5 year old niece. She's is going to love them. I really wish I could show pics but I want everyone to be surprised.  So I'll wait until after Christmas. 

But I can show these.
My homemade bears. Girl Bear and Boy Bear.
Aren't they adorable.  The Man asks, why? Um, just because.  I mean why buy Babe toys, when I can made them. Right? 
I've been reading alot online about homemade toys and green things for kids. So this was my first of many attempts.

He seems to like them. Well, boy bear that is.

Is this not the most precious picture ever.  I love him so much.

So while he played with his bears and I cleaned house, I discovered three bananas about do disintegrate.  So I decided to stop everything and make Meredith's Banana Drop Cookies. Yum.

We all love these cookies and I needed to take some cookies to school on Wednesday anyway. So yay!
But while bakin' which is something I love to do, but haven't done in a long time, I discovered that my cheap little plastic measuring spoons have disappeared/broke, leaving M.E. with nothing to measure with.  So I wound up using this.

Medicine cup.  It worked pretty well, but I couldn't scoop very good with it.
And I remembered seeing these in a catalog and love them.  They are metal, fancy and so not M.E. but I love them anyway.

They are expensive but just so cool. I think I'll put them on my Santa list.


  1. Love the bears....maybe I can make Sydny(puppy)one, if I ever can get it together...Cannot believe how big Babe is...and so handsome. Tell family hey and I miss you ALL

  2. Awesome bears! - Chris