Monday, December 6, 2010


Back story - A month or so ago the Man had some words to say about the lack of clean socks in this house.  I loudly explained that if the socks are in the playroom, under the couch, in the scraproom, under beds, outsided, where ever the boys decided to toss them, basically anywhere but the laundry basket they don't get washed.  End of story.

Well, today I wanted to get in the scrap room to do some crafting. I'm so in the crafty mood with Christmas coming and having spent last weekend with D, it hasn't really stopped.  I will say this, I've not actually done much in my scrap room in months. there is a spare bed in there that the kids play on, the Man sleeps in (when he is snoring or Babe is in a mood), the spare tv is in there, I throw all crafty stuff in there and its generally one giant mess.  MESS!

So I decided to just straighten up, scratch the surface sort-a-speak.  This is what I unearthed on my first go at it today.
16 socks!  YES, 16 individual dirty socks.

15 white and 1 lone red one.
Photographic proof of why there are occassionally few clean socks in this house.

PS. I also found 2 pairs of shoes, three shirts (2 boys, 1 the Man's), a pair of pants, several lego men, 2 empty cups, and various other toys and trash. Oh my. I need to get in there more.

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