Friday, December 10, 2010

'tis the season...

for the company Christmas party.  And this was super special because the Man and 6 friends would be the opening band for the live band that was to be the entertainment for the night. 
The guys had practiced about six times and put together 4 songs and were a nervous wreck leading up to tonight.  The Man was especially nervous, but it turned out fabulous.  It was very shock to say the least, at how good they sounded. They were a real band.  I was also very proud of the Man, this is not something he's ever done before and I was kind of surprised he agreed to do it.  Very proud indeed.
The pics are from my phone and it was dark, but you get the idea.
That's the Man on the far left playing rhyme guitar. 

He did tend to hide behind the tower of speakers.

But it was super cool. Very cool indeed.  The Man's a rock star.

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