Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Fun at Home!

The Buddy had a very early basketball game this morning, so he and Dad took off at 7:30  and were back by 9 and Buddy was in a great mood.
His version of the game was that they won (but they don't keep a total score), that he stole the ball 10 times (the Man said 6), that he rebounded the ball a bunch (the Man said 5) and that he score 1 basket (the Man added he took 15 shots).  Love it.

So I suggested he play with his brothers for a bit before turning on the tv or wii, he agreed and they got out the blocks for MONSTER BABY. 
LG and Buddy build towers of blocks and then have Babe knock them down. 

Babe is pretty mobile now days and can army crawl all of the house, so coaxing him over to the towers is no problem.

LG builds a tower.

Here comes Monster Baby.  
There goes the blocks.  This is fun now, but in a few months or every in the years to come it will likely not be fun for Babe to knock there things over.   Babe better enjoy it while he can.

Silly big brother!

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