Thursday, February 24, 2011

For those going through ME withdrawals

So the blogger and ME are not getting along - iPhone to the rescue with a quick update on what I'm up to this fine rainy/stormy/60 degree February day! Unlike the foot or two of snow in Skagit Valley.

Like most days I spend a lot of time keeping the floors clean.
Because this guy is all over the place - all the time.

Which lead ME to score this little handy dandy broom/pan at Target for $1. Yep, got to love those dollar bins.

It home is on the frig and although it's only been in our house about 24 hours, I've already used it about 10 times. No joke.

I'm also working with LG - prepping for Kindergarten. So we practice writing the letter "L" and recognizing it by cutting out "L" from this weeks circulars.

It also gave him good scissor and glue practice and I think he liked it. We stopped at 10 "L"s.

I'm also working on getting things ready for our little cousins arrival in New Hampshire.

Our deep freeze is now the staging area for all things baby. Going through these things that Babe wore just a few months ago brought tears to my eyes for a few seconds. Okay it was approximately three seconds then I moved on to the next box.

I'm also working on finding Buddy's Cub Scout book for tonight's meeting. I don't think it's in the house because it can not be found. I'm not happy about this either.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday and I'll be back soon.

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