Monday, February 21, 2011

Techincal Issues

Everyone is our house has been to the doctor in the last week but ME and the computer needs too.
It got some sort of virus last week and is still working but it's really slow and lots of fake pop up warning things. It's just really annoying.

As for the doctors visit, the Man was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Monday. Buddy went to the doctor on Tuesday because his eczema is out of control and we needed some serious cream. All was well Wednesday and Thursday for the birthday celebrations and then late Thursday night Babe was very upset and kept laying my hand on his face until I finally realized he was telling ME his lymph gland under his ear was swollen. And swollen it was. It wad nearly the size of a ping pong ball. HUGE. It really scared ME so I immediately took him to the doctor Friday morning and his blood count was 20,000, way too high. His ears looked good and throat so we are unsure of what's going on but are taking antibiotics for the next 10 days and he seems completely fine. It was also in the 70s here, so we were outside a bunch and this made LGs allergies flare up and caused him to be really congested and I had to take him to the doctor yesterday morning. Antibiotics for him too. Whew!

We will hopefully get the computer cleaned and running smoothly this week so I can post all the great birthday pics.

Sorry for the lack of blogging but life happens!

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  1. Can't wait till your blogging is back in