Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

1 - it was -9 this morning when we got up.  That's 9 degrees below zero! Oh my!  Several records were broke this morning here in Oklahoma.

2 - not sure what the official snowfall was yesterday, but we easily got 6 new inches of powder yesterday. 

3 - Buddy got a new chess game and he is obsessed.  I have no idea how to play so he drives the Man crazy each evening wanting to play. 

4 - the Man realized he's not a great chess player and downloaded a chess game on his iPhone and practiced for a good hour last night.  I love that about him!

5 - TOP CHEF Masters is getting so exciting!  This is one of our most favorite shows on tv. Bravo channel. Wednesday's at 9PM.

6 - Fabio got kicked off last night and he said a really cool thing - "if you have a dream you have to just go for it, because yours is the only shadow standing in your sunshine"  I liked that quote.

7 - Speaking of tv, anybody watch Castle on ABC, Monday's at 9? The Man doesn't care much for it but he does get into it alittle with M.E.   Its basically a new generation Murder, She Wrote.  I guess all those years of watching Murder, She Wrote with my Mom stuck with M.E. because I really like this show.

8 - I jogged in the kitchen the entire time I was cooking supper last night.  Just to get the heart rate up.  Even had a can of peas in each hand for added weight.  Buddy thought I'd lost my mind.  I also did some squats and I'm sore today. 

9 - I finally got the courage to put in a work out DVD this morning.  A ten minute fat burning, heart rate increasing work out. 

10 - I last 3 minutes.  yep, 180 seconds!  That's 30 times a good bull ride....staying positive.

11 - Buddy had school today. Amazing.  The public schools around here have been out since last Monday.  Thankful the Man took him. 

12 - Buddy's birthday is next week, and I've not got one thing ready.  With all the snow, I've not been driving much.  I can't beleive he is going to 8.  {Cyrena it seems like yesterday,  huh and now you are expecting your own - love you}

13 - Hopefully I'll get out this weekend.  Its suppose to be in the 60s.   And maybe even 70s by next Wednesday.  that's nearly an 80 degree temperature increase in one week.  We'll all be sick!

14 - Babe wants to say hi -brg1s4er5rt3xv4erd n nf6 kxzg ngv f

15 - LG is crying because he can't find any candy! Sorry bud but we just don't keep any in the house. oh well, Valentines day is Monday, so he'll get plenty then.

16 - I'm almost finished with my "One Little Word" assignment for January.  Almost!

17 - I had no idea I had so much on my mind.

18 - I'm ready for tulips!  Anybody else?  I would love to wake up tomorrow and see tulips.  Yes, I know that's random!

19 - Babe is pulling up and walking along the edge of the couch. I predict he'll walk in a month.

20 - I got a new vacuum cleaner before all this snow hit and I'm in love with it!

21 - LG has his kindergarten screening Monday and I must say I'm nervous.  I just hope his speech delay doesn't put him REALLY below normal.

22 - Thanks to everyone who mailed valentines to LG for his class project.  Our mail has been running but I know a couple have already arrived.  Exciting.

23 - The boys and I will be hand-making their valentines this weekend. I'm excited.  I can't wait to post pics.

24 -  Baseball practice starts Monday. The Man is super excited as he will be coaching again.  LG is playing too.  Not sure when his practices start.  Two boys on two different teams in two different leagues.  Let the chaos begin.

25 - I'm trying to make it to 27.  That's my word for the year.

26 - I made a comment over at the the other day.   And I was like # 2031.  I can't imagine over two thousand people reading my blog.  I'm just excited I have 20.

27 - Have a wonderful Thursday and stay warm.  we are trying!


  1. I am so into Criminal Minds....I DVR them anytime I can find Love I don't need to get into Castle.....too much for me to keep up love the Chefs....AND I love ya....

  2. I don't know why...but your "New" Post don't always show up for I had to read to the OK Blizzard just the post and would love some of your beans and cornbread