Monday, February 7, 2011

Splash Pad

We are so lucky!  Our little bestest friend, A, who is LG's best friend and we have them over to our house all the time turned 5 during the blizzard and her birthday party was Sunday. And it was at an indoor water park. WOO-HOO!

It was so nice to finally get out of the house for a real adventure and get to go swimming. 
(well, we got out on Saturday to go to walmart - which was a nightmare and we did make it to church Sunday morning but that's only a mile away, this was across town on very snow covered roads)

Birthday Girl hanging on a lilly pad.

Babe got in the hot tub with M.E.  It was so nice. 

Buddy loved this place.  It wasn't super big, just right so that you could be any where in the room and see your kids.  Its a tiny Great Wolf Lodge type place attached to a hotel. The water wasn't even 3 feet so all the kiddos could go anywhere they wanted and didn't have to worry.  A big plus in my book!

Little Sis J.  Is she not the cutest in the world.

LG in the hot tub.  awwww!

At first I didn't want my photo taken. I'm huge and really didn't want any physical reminders of how I look in a swim suit.  You can see the snow piled up through the windows.

A in the hot tub having some fun.

LG on a lilly pad. The cannon in the fore ground would shoot water almost all the way across the pool.

Decided to let the Man take a photo of M.E. anyhow and it turned out ok. Babe is adorable.

Birthday Girl.

That's Buddy coming out of the slide.  We were using the little tiny video camera the Man got M.E. for Christmas as our still camera today (did want to lug the big one around).  The little did pretty well, but there's no action mode.  Or at least I haven't found an action mode yet.

The Man was feeling alittle under-the-weather and a whole lot Superbowl anxious, so he didn't go swimming. 

Group Shot. They had a blast.

Upstair we got to have a pizza and cupcakes and sing happy birthday. Here's Buddy and the birthday girl.  I think he was having trouble eating pizza with all those front teeth missing.

This picture is hilarious because this little girl never where's shoes.  She hates them as a matter of fact and so for her to put on LGs Buzz shoes was a big deal! I may just have to buy her a pair.

We would leave the party and head over to a friends for the superbowl, where I would talk to the ladies and the men would stress about the game.  All in all it was a fantastic day!  snow and icy roads included!

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