Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baseball has begun

Last night was LG's first baseball game ever! It was so much fun watching him. He is so different from Buddy on his approach and attitude about sports. He was most happy about his uniform and being with his friends.

He is playing in a different league than Buddy. They don't keep score or have outs. They just let every player bat for about three innings. This is perfect for LG. I managed a bunch of pic with the big camera and the Man got the laptop fixed so hopefully I'll be uploading all my pics soon. Yay!

It was also quiet a different experience for Buddy who has not ever been the spectator.

He did a lot of running around socializing with other older siblings and wasn't to interested in the little guys playing. Here we were being goofy.
It was a good evening. He has two more games this week. Buddy's season doesn't start for two more weeks, life is about to get real crazy.

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