Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look what Babe Did.

As I was cooking supper I was busy peeling potatoes, etc. And Babe was happily playing in the cabinets as usual. I hollered for Buddy because I wanted to ask him something and when he came in the kitchen, he was like,
"I am not cleaning that up"
I said, "huh?, clean what up"
That's when I turned around and saw this.

Babe pulled the bag out of a box of cherrios.

He was pleased with himself

How his managed this I'm not sure.

He's all boy and he clapped and clapped. Throwing cherrios all over the place.

Look at that cute face. How could I be mad. Just took a minute to sweep up. Now if he had added milk to the mess, I might have been really mad. LOL.

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  1. LOL - How precious!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the Target gift card!! I have thought of sending a really nice thank you and still haven't. I'm not sure where I put your address. HA! Life isn't the same w/out you!!!! Angie A in KY

  2. Sweet babe....love him so....still basking in the happiness of getting to see ya....

  3. That is awesome! I wish you had a pic of the painted van! Kathy