Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a whirl....

Well I'm alive! Barely!
On Sunday the 6th I was diagnosed with influenza A and let ME tell you I was sick. SICK. I seriously thought my body could start shutting down and I would die. The Man had to take the entire week off work to tend to the boys and ME, as I laid in the bed. Seriously didn't get up for anything except to vomit (reaction to the meds) and use the bathroom.
On Wednesday the 9th, my ear was hurting so bad I drove myself to urgent care before they opened to get some relief. Major ear infection and a ready to burst ear drum was the diagnoses.
Later that afternoon I discovered my rash ( what we thought was a possible allergic reaction to something I took) was worse, so the Man loaded ME up and took ME to his doctors, only to be diagnosed with strep throat which had been untreated for some time and the rash was actually scarletina aka Scarlet Fever. OMG. He took ME off all previous meds and started all over.
I was one sick Mama.

I would manage to shower and get dresses Friday in time for us to head East on Spring Break.

The Man had reservations at a cabin and a fishing guide lined up for the weekend. I didn't feel great but it was nice to be out of the house and the weather was perfect. I got some good pics on the big camera who knows if I'll be able to up load those to blogger.
Saturday the Man and the boys fished off the dock at our cabin. It was really cool.
Sunday the Man and Buddy met up with the fishing guide and caught some trout.
Buddy caught 20 rainbow trout and the Man caught 11 brown trout.

This photo was taken by the guide and forwarded to ME via the Man. That's a large brown trout. Buddy and the Man both had a blast.

Later that day we would make our way to KY. Woohoo! We hadn't got to visit since June. It was nice to be home again!!!!

Didn't manage any pics. We just laid low and I tried to get well. Still have a severely clogged right ear that rings and prevents ME from hearing anything, but all in all I am much much better!!!!

We had a super good time in KY and miss everyone so much!

Hope to be blogging regularly soon!

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  1. So good to be with you and to love on Babe....I do think he loves me....can't wait to see you in June...