Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back in OK.

It's good to back at home even if it's not where our family is or where we were raised.
But it is where the boys are familiar with and where all our stuff is and mostly importantly where good friends are.
I was super surprised to see this.

That's my mother's day flower from Buddy nearly three years old now. The fact that it is still living is huge. The fact that it decided to bloom again is enormous. I do not have a green thumb at all. And it doesn't look real healthy and it really only has two branches now, but I was delighted to see it blooming when we got home yesterday.

Today, the Man and Buddy have spent considerable amount of time working on the derby car for cub scouts. I even caught Buddy outside sanding it some more this afternoon after church.

He wants it super smooth before they paint it.

He is putting more effort into it this year, which is nice to see. He 's so competitive - it's not funny.

They have since spray painted it red. I'll post again when it's finished. But for now I'm going to enjoy our beautiful weather with Babe outside.

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