Saturday, April 23, 2011

Babe Right Now

He has transitioned very easily to bottle with whole milk.

He adores is brothers

He can clap to celebrate, to mimic, or just for fun.

He signs 'more' for everything food related. But is learning the signs for 'eat' and 'all 'done'

He has a BIG personality.

He loves to feed himself- his favorites are baby cheese puffs, Grill cheese and quesadillas.

He can walk along furniture and stand alone for about 10 seconds and crawl as fast as lightning.

He wakes up for comfort and/or milk twice a night.

He weighs 22 lbs and is 30" tall.

He still likes to put everything in his mouth - be it food, toys or trash.

He makes lots of noise, babbled, grunts and laughs a lot.

He doesn't like getting his clothes changed and likes to roll over during diaper changes.

He likes to play with what every his brothers are playing with - legos, blocks, cars, anything not age appropriate

He enjoys being in his play pen outside watching his brothers. He can sit in there for up to an hour.

He no longer has a big fear of strangers and loves the church nursery.

He is learning to navigate the stairs down to the playroom and is loving this new freedom to roam all of the house.

He plays in the kitchen cabinets at least 5 times a day and leaves little messes behind.

He enjoys the bath too.

He makes ME very happy, very tired and feel very blessed.

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  1. And he is so stinking precious and cute that every one loves him....