Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

This is the first year, LG has had any patience with dyeing Easter eggs. He loves it, but he usually throws/drops the eggs into the cup only to retrieve it seconds later. But not this year. He gently dunked his eggs and let them sit for several minutes before looking at them and moving it to another color or declaring it finished. It took some coaching but he did a fantastic job.

Babe really wanted to get into the eggs and make a mess... Next year Babe, Next year.

Here's M.E. and Buddy. We have so much fun coloring eggs. We both want the wax crayon at the same time so we can draw and write messages before coloring. Its the most fun of the coloring egg process.

Here's Buddy's, Easter Bunny. Too cute, if I may say so myself.

And I had to share this pic. What a special surprise to pull this out of the cup and read.... I [heart] you too Buddy!

Our final masterpiece. The color is not as vivid in the photo as in real life. They look awesome this year and the pictures and messages were fantastic.
I think the Easter Bunny was very pleased with our handy work and I also think its safe to say that no matter how many eggs I boil. Its never enough.

Because we love coloring eggs soooo much.

Hope the rain stops long enough to hide and hunt tomorrow!

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  1. So love your eggs and yes I like Buddy's the bestest