Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 7

Tuesday brought a day of errands. So after we took Buddy to school, we all got ready and headed to Sam's club. Our church is taking a load of goods to Joplin, MO first thing in the morning, so I wanted to send some diapers, formula and water. After that we went to the big mall - a place we rarely visit. It actually amazes ME that these business can stay open in this economy, I mean who really has the money to buy expensive items at the mall.
Anyhow, I was on the hunt for a Buzz Lightyear for J. She really loves toy story and recently lost her Buzz and last week was her birthday. I have a special project in the works, but needed a new Buzz. So we headed to the Disney store. First time to every step foot in one. I wasn't impressed. But LG loved the giant Mickey.

We did find out that CARS 2 comes out June 24. Woohoo!
It was then off to the little play area with all the hip moms and their starbucks.

This place was perfect for Babe. LG was a little too big but still enjoyed it. And to say that Babe enjoyed it was an understatement.

He loved it. He squealed and hollered and "talked" the entire time. It was wonderful and he even had a fever - had one all day. I think it is his next tooth coming in. He has a dr. appointment tomorrow anyway for an ear fluid check, so I'll wait until then to worry.

But the real reason I was at the mall was to visit the Apple store, because it finally happened.

I shattered my iPhone - remarkably it still works with a few freezes here and there, but I've been using it just find. The store was busy so I have an appointment to go back tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have to spend much money to get a new glass. But I guess I will be spending money on a rubber cover to prevent this from happening again.

Back at home for the evening, I took more photos but didn't upload them. Some of Buddy's school work. He wrote some poems like this one-


a Blue Bird

a sweet Blue Bird

a good sweet Blue Bird

a singing good sweet Blue Bird

a white singing good sweet Blue Bird

and it pecked my car.

We were also pretty much glued to the weather channel as well. I took a pic or two of the doppler as it approached and I'm happy to say, we got very little bad weather. But it was pretty scary seeing some of the live footage of tornadoes as they were happening near OKC. We are very thankful.
We'll see what today brings.

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