Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Week in the Life

Yesterday on a whim I decided to start a "Week in the Life" project inspired by Ali Edwards. Its really a simple project and I love the concept of capture/documenting our everyday life as it is right now. Because in two short weeks its going to change drastically with school out.

First of all, LG has his booster shots for school on Tuesday, which left him feeling crummy yesterday with a fever. So he didn't want to go to school, unfortunately yesterday was his last day of preschool ever. We would get ready and go up to school at Noon for his quick little diploma and ice cream.

Here he is with his most favorite teacher yet, Mrs. Sutton. He loves her so much and I'm nervous he will want her next year as well. He gives her lots of hugs and kisses and talks about her at home. They definitley had something special.

Back at home, LG would lay on the couch watching movies and eating apple sauce. So Babe played by himself. I found him in Buddy's room playing with the baseball guys. It love this.

The Man would get home in time for us to grill out a pork loin and I stir fried some veggies and noodles for an asian night. It was yummy. Its one of LGs favorite meals as well as Buddy, but LG just still wasn't feeling good, so he didn't eat much.

After supper, Babe played in a basket. Too cute!

Just a sneek peek of our day yesterday, not to exciting but a week from now, a month from now, 10 years from now, it will be so interesting to see it.

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