Friday, May 20, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 2

Babe has gotten very spoilt and in the habit of hanging on M.E. all day, so this morning, I decided to get out some toys from the garage in hopes that they would occupy him.
They occupied LG.

I love these Little People from Fisher Price and I'm so glad I talked the Man into letting M.E. save them from more than one give away to Goodwill.
After play time, we loaded up and headed to Target. LG was in serious need of new shoes and Buddy needed a white t-shirt to tie dye for school next week.

They are such good boys. I generally can take 2 boys anywhere, its when you add all three that it gets hectic.

I realize this is not safe and/or the proper place for a child to ride, but it works for us. I'm very careful and so is LG, so no fingers get run over.

After Babe took his nap is was time to head to school. Today was the 8th graders last day and after the awards ceremony they have a parade around the big field, where all the younger kids are gathered to cheer and catch candy.

Its a pretty cool deal and everyone really enjoys it. Can you find Buddy in the above picture?

After the 8th grade parade, LG had an informal assembly on the playground for kindergarten next year.

Babe and his friend J were actually sharing toys for a few seconds - that is until Babe grabs J's popsicle and she screams. He sticks it in his mouth and its super cold, so then he screams. It was funny.

Future Kindergarten of America!

Back at home we played outside riding bikes and playing catch. Buddy was sweet enough to get out the little car for Babe. Babe was thrilled and laughed and clapped. Buddy was pleased.

Then they decided to switch places and Buddy got stuck and it took him a full 3 minutes to get his self out of this tiny car. That was funny too!

After this we got ready for baseball practice. The little bloggie camera's memory was full and the big camera was out of batteries, so no more pics of the day.

Although after practice we went out to eat with Zkid and D and their folks. We had a good evening.

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