Monday, July 4, 2011

Everything but the Apple Pie!

Happy Fourth!
Last night we went to a minor league baseball games complete with good times, good food and fireworks!

The boys really enjoyed themselves and a thunderstorm blew just north of us to cool everything down for most of the game. It was great until at the end of 9 - it was tied 2 to 2.
Only Babe minded the extra innings. These guys had a blast

Sman and Buddy.
LG ate the entire game. Quickly consuming an entire cotton candy by himself, peanuts, more than one hot dog- then part of a funnel cake. A lady sitting behind us laughed as she suggested we check his blood sugar level!!! I was afraid he'd be sick, but he did fine. We are on vacation after all.
Babe wanted to play on the stairs the extra innings, so the Man, Aunt Cream and ME took turns with him. We would loose 5-3 in the 12th
Fireworks were really good and we got home about midnight!
Baseball and Fireworks, like the title, everything but the apple pie for an all-American night out!

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