Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home on the Range!

We are back in OK!
Managed it in one long drive which left us all worn out but at least we got to sleep in our own beds last night. Wonderful!

I've managed to get cold or allergies not sure. Sneezing and running nose last night and today! Babe got home with a fever. He was complaining with his ear in KY so it's no surprise I got him a doctors appointment this afternoon. After that I promised the big boys $10 each to spend at Toy R Us for being wonderful in the car yesterday.

They have always been wonderful travelers. But it just seemed to go extra well yesterday! They both sat in the backseat, which we normally don't do (they tend to touch each other or stare at each other until someone gets mad). And they actually played games together for many miles with out fighting. It was grand! So I will reward them with toys that they don't need!!! LOL!

Happy to be home - even if it's 103 degrees outside!

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