Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Colorado Pictures

We are back home safe and sound. Thought I'd post the rest of our adventure.

We stopped briefly at some fossil beds which had some huge fossilized redwoods in the middle of nowhere Colorado
They were pretty cool and awesome to think about those trees bring so big there at one time.

We stopped at a picnic ground with a lake and some rocks for lunch - same as yesterday.
After lunch the boys had to climb. LG is such a natural at climbing - always has been - and he has no fear. The Man thinks we should get him in classes.

Babe really wanted to climb too. But I talked him into a siesta.

He never did fall all the way asleep but he did relax.
Back on the road we stopped at a Dinosaur Center for the boys to tour. The Man bought LG a great souvenir - I'll need to get pics. soon we arrived in Colorado Springs just in time check into our hotel. And after an hour swim - we headed to the local Garden of the Gods to see some really cool rock formations.

However the boys were all tired and hungry so we didn't stay long at all.

We had a really good time and we were looking forward to our own beds but not the heat. We landed last night and it was 100 degrees. The lady at the airport said it was 135 on the ramp to the terminal and I believe her. It was crazy hot. Looking forward to fall days and our last trip of the summer- WA in three weeks. Woohoo!

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  1. Would love to be seeing what you all are seeing...Miss you already like crazy....didn't get a hug this time from the man...would love a picture of you and babe under the tree..and then one of whole family to put on my fridge...Would love to be able to "fly" in once a year and be with you and the boys...we could scrap our selves CrAzY....lol...love you and mean it