Sunday, July 17, 2011

After leaving Denver...

On Friday we headed west. Our goal was Leadville but unfortunately when we arrived there were no available rooms.
On to Twin Lakes and again no available rooms. So we headed over the mountains, during which time I realized I'm suddenly afraid on driving on the side of a mountain at 10,000 ft with no guard rail. I'll tell you I was about to have a panic attack. We would arrive in Aspen around 6PM starving and still homeless. Found one room for $425, so had to keep driving and wound up at Snowmass - about a half hour outside Aspen.

No a bad place to send the night! And the scenery was amazing. The boys got to go swimming which was a highlight for them.

Saturday morning we headed into Aspen for breakfast. It was a reality check being in such a high class money drenched environment.
We ate at one of Oprah's favorite places and we passed homes worth $22,000,000! It was crazy. We even saw a family of four riding their Segways down the road - to funny!
After grabbing lunch provisions we headed back up the mountain.

We stopped at a roadside mountain stream to let the boys run and throw rocks.
Again I'm taking alot of pictures with my big camera so I'm not able to blog everything.
Next we headed up and I was a nervous wreck. The Man didn't know what to make of ME. I too never knew myself to be afraid of heights but I was really nervous driving on this road.
We stopped about half up to hike.

We would hike up 600 feet to the summit (the snow in this picture) to an alpine lake.

LG lead us most of the way and both big boys did a fantastic job hiking. The lake was beautiful and so worth the effort to get up there. I'm not in shape by any means.
However we didn't get to stay long because it started to rain at the top.
By the time we got down, Babe had had enough.

He totally fell asleep on Daddys shoulders.

How cute is this!!!
Just a few more miles up and we would cross the summit.

The Man at the top of the mountains.
However all LG wanted to do was play in the snow. So finally we came upon some snow close to the road.

The Man, LG and Buddy played in the snow.
I didn't want to get out of the car. Again nervous about the narrow mountain roads with no guard rails. And Babe was asleep.

Down the mountain we stopped for lunch - picnic style. Fresh French bread with white cheddar cheese, blue cheese and deli sliced prosciutto, & grapes. Yummy.

Babe loved wondering around the picnic area.
Back in the car headed for our hotel.

Luckily I called early that morning to make sure we had a destination.
Fun day hiking the mountains of Colorado!!!

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  1. Girl...Me thinks you are in God's Country....I too am terrified of drop offs...deep ravines....I too get "breathless" the pics...