Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Tree and my Birthday

Today is my birthday!  I can't believe I'm 36!  How is that possible? At any rate, I have been blessed beyond belief and look forward to many more.
As we returned to OK, I had no intention of getting the house ready for Christmas, but LG wanted to so badly, as he helped Aunt Cream with her tree and we saw so many lights on the drive home, so we loaded up today and headed out in search of a Christmas tree. 
Babe was happy to be outside and running around.

He ran and ran and ran!!
LG was in heaven. I think he loves Christmas as much as Nana!

Buddy and M.E.  It was really cold when the breeze was blowing. I think winter is finally settling in here in OK.  I had to use my scarf to cover my ears. The Man was teasing M.E. calling me Jackie O.  I took it as a complement.

Narrowing it down to our favorite pines.  
Love this shot.  Genuine love between these two! 

Had to take a hayride.  What would the tree farm be without it.   In the end, we wouldn't cut a pine.  They just aren't what we like, so the Man picked out a pre-cut noble fir shipped in from Oregon.  it was perfect.
Our tree with lights. We decided to no put on the ornaments for now.  Babe is obsessed with it already and we knew he would just pulled them all down and break them.  I kind of like the simpleness.  I'm sure I can't stand it for long though. I love my ornaments and will get a few out later when the new has worn off and put some on. Plus the ones we will get this season.  

 LG was so excited.  First thing he asked was, how many sleeps til Christmas? Only 4 weeks. yikes!  I need to start shopping.


  1. Hey Sarah it's Mo mom went shopping friday i wonder what she got?


  2. Hey it's Mo agian aunt creams tree did look really pretty!And Sman said we put all the pretty ones in the back.


    Happy Birthday!

  3. Jackie O and the Cowboy.

    Aunt Cream