Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Vacation

We had a wonderful trip back to KY. I'm so glad the Man suggested a week because it was great.  Although it rained the first three days and the boys had to stay indoors due to the weather and hunting season still being in, they still had a blast with Aunt Cream and the family.
We spent Thanksgiving at Aunt M's.  My boys love her farm so much, its just perfect for the views and running around.

It blows my mind at how tall Sman is getting.  He'll soon be a teenager. yikes.  But it didn't stop him from playing with my boys and being a great big cousin to them.  The Dads and Papaws took all the kids for a hike on their farm. Uncle D has bought a little super lite airplane and is in the process of building a small air strip and hanger.  The kids loved playing there and Babe walked the whole way there and most of the way back, sorry I didn't get a pic. 

On Friday the weather was perfect without a cloud in the sky. So we all got ready for hike in the woods.

The Man, LG, Sman, Babe, Buddy, Mo and Aunt Cream walking ahead of M.E. on our hike.

Buddy really wanted to knock down some dead trees like Sman had talked about, so here he and the Man push and yell timber. 
Mo and Buddy in front of an old deer stand, not sure who built it or when, but the kids thought is was pretty cool.

Babe had a blast.  He did a really good job at hiking. We had to carry him most of the time, but when he did walk he had so much fun picking up sticks and run to catch up with the big kids.
We had such a good time and it was hard to leave as always.  LG loves the country and was really sad.  He called the trip a vacation to Aunt Creams.  He only stayed at Mamaw and Papaw's two nights otherwise he never left Aunt Cream and Uncle Cola's house.  Until next time... we love and miss yall.

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  1. Hi Sarah it's mo i hated to see you leave and leaving aunt creams.