Saturday, November 5, 2011


The Babe was up many times last night, which meant that I was up many times and for a long time trying to get back to sleep.  It was during this time of trying to get back to sleep around 2:00 AM this morning that I was startled by a moving bed. 
At first I thought one of the boys had jumped or bumped into the bed, but as I sat up and woke completely up, I realized that there was no one in the room and in fact my bed was moving.  I have several necklaces hanging around the corner of my dresser mirror and they too were swaying and clinking into the mirror.
I immediately got up and ran to the boys room.  The Man had fallen asleep with Buddy, so I woke him up.
I told him I was crazy and think we just had an earthquake.  He agreed I was crazy and went back to sleep, but I couldn't sleep.  I went to the living room to turn on the news, but there wasn't a thing worth watching. I did notice that the movement must have moved the computer mouse, as the screensaver so was no longer on - but the desktop.
So, to my phone I went and google the usgs (united state geologic survey) and sure enough there was a 4.7 earthquake just east of Oklahoma City at 2:15 this morning.  Since that time there have been 6 aftershocks.  Wow - so I'm now crazy! 

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