Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another One

Wow! 5.6 earthquake shook Oklahoma last night about 11PM and it was scary.
The Man and I were watching a movie and the earth started to rumble and we both sat straight up and felt, watched and listen as it got bigger, louder and stronger. So strong that the entire house was shaking and I took off for the boys room to make sure no pictures were falling off the walls onto them. The Man was on my heels checking on Buddy, who woke up.
The whole thing lasted about 30 to 40 seconds but it felt very long. It was also surprising loud. The feeling of helpless is not something I recommend for anyone because it's pretty scary. I don't know how the folks in California could ever get so used to them as they are. It was crazy and I'm so glad I was still awake. It'd been much worse had I been asleep and woken by the house shaking.
On the news last night, they showed a house that lost a lot of bricks off the front of their house - just a few miles from here. And we are about 60 miles from the epicenter, so I'd say there was so serious damage from this one!

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