Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm still here!

Somedays I have every intention of blogging but it just doesn't happen and I have many excuses...
1 - I have three boys that I'm chasing in three different directions.
2 - I have dedicated the majority of my computer time to working on our church youth program.  Its a long story, but basically M.E. and my friend Carrie are acting as youth directors for our new program that we hope to launch in January.
3 - I've had my moms group meeting all about advent, I've had PTO meetings and PTO dinners.
4 - Buddy has scored touchdowns in the last two football games, WINNING touchdowns and its been wonderful. Unfortunately the games are at night and I can't take pictures of any quality. Ugh!
5 - As of yesterday afternoon, I officially have a cold. major drainage and kleenex usage happening here. The Man had it last week and now Buddy and I both have it.  Buddy even woke M.E. up at 2:30 this morning asking if there was anything he could do to clear all the snot.  He was very upset that he couldn't breathe.  I feel for him.
6 - Babe decided to get back in the bathtub after he was completely dressed including his socks & shoes. I hadn't let the water out either.  He was late for MDO.  
7 - LG and I worked on his Tom Turkey Disguise project for school.  Tom Turkey doesn't want hunters to know he's a turkey so we have to disguise him.
Surprise, Surprise its a Harry Potter disguise.
8 - I went to a scrapbooking crop for 6 hours on Saturday. ahhh, it was so wonderful. I got all the foundation pages pretty much done for my December Daily album. I'm really excited to be doing this project again.
9 -Duck Season is in. Do I need to explain what's on the Man's mind?
10 - Ten days until my birthday - not that I'm counting.
11- I had every intention of taking 11 photos on 11-11-11. but I didn't even touch the camera the whole day.  I took Babe to Mothers Day Out, then went to school to work for LG's teacher a couple of hours, then I grabbed lunch in the cafeteria before having a meeting with the church music director followed by a meeting with the church communications director, then raced to get Babe, then back to school to get the boys. After school, the Man had the 3rd and 4th grade doing baseball drills (YES, baseball in November). LG had soccer and I chased Babe. This was all immediately followed by one of LGs big birthday gifts from us - a playdate with 4 Kindergarten friends.
12 - there's always 12-12-12!
13 - Back to the playdate - the five 6 year olds chased Buddy who was pretending to be a ghost, and Babe just ran around and screamed having the time of his life.  It was very successful and everyone had a good time, even Buddy who wound up with a black eye by taking a knee to the face.  Its all yellow and green now.
14 - I'm going to go blow my nose about 100 more times today and rest. Nothing on the calendar or agenda today. ahhh - now that's refreshing.
15 - I'm taking comfort in the pound of pinto beans simmering in the crockpot for supper tonight!

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  1. Put Vicks on your feet...and Buddy' works I promise...helps you to breath and helps on coughing...don't ask why it works...but it works