Sunday, November 13, 2011

LG's birthday night

 LG was pretty excited to get to open presents, but he was patience enough to wait for Buddy to get home from soccer practice.
 He got a really cool dinosaur book!
 LEGOs... They are obsessed with them.  We bought this particular set for a friend back in June and he's wanted it ever since.
Yep, I think he was pretty happy about it. 
 The Man picked out this super hero outfit of a non specific character and it was great.
He has such a wonderful imagination, it was perfect. 
 One of his other gifts was his very own head lamp.  Again, this suited him just right.
Babe had no idea what was going on, but wanted to be in the middle of it.  Buddy got a little present to open as well and I think LG had a very happy birthday. 
Thanks for all the cards, comments and phone calls.  He felt very special.

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