Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So last week between Earthquakes, Flash Flood Warnings, Tornado Watches and Severe Thunderstorms (yes all that on Monday), I managed to sit at my sewing machine during Babe's nap times to make a few things.
First up, the new style of Dresses for Haiti.
 It probably would have helped if I'd cleaned the mirror before taking the picture, but that would have been too much work. Anyhow, they are the new pillow case style dresses that we are making for Haiti.  They take less fabric than the bid style dress and are simpler to sew.  This is a girls size 14 which I was able to slip on for the pic. I even learned how to make a button hole with my sewing machine for the tie.This was also my fourth one! I made three at the sewing circle a week or so ago.
Second, pants for Babe.
Once the sewing bug bite M.E I wasn't satisfied with just a dress. 
I turned THIS- the Man's t-shirt. 
(Sorry Nana, its a 2010 shirt and the Man rarely if ever wore it) 
little pants for Babe with the help of YouTube.
As he is messy and running around like crazy we tend to go through several outfits a day and with his season being different from the brothers, I don't have that many 18 months clothes, so I made some!  woohoo!  
I also made a shirt to go with them, but didn't manage a pic. sorry.  I will later. 

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