Monday, November 7, 2011

Kindergarten Birthday Party

This weekend the 5 birthday kiddos from kindergarten gather at the local bounce place for a group birthday party.  I love group birthday parties, because they are easy and much cheaper.  The kiddos had a really good time.
The Birthday Kiddos!
Its really hard to get good pictures in the bounce rooms, as they are large and the lighting isn't great, plus the kids won't be still.  Here I managed to get LG to sit(lay) for a second. 
Babe hung out with the Man the first half hour, then we took him into the party and he had a blast on the little slide.  Buddy was too busy running and playing to get a picture. 
LG sits next to this little sweetie and has lots of stories from school that include her, so it was great that they have birthday's within a week of each other, to share this day! LG never looks at M.E. when I have the camera. ugh!

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