Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indoor Soccer

 Buddy started his indoor soccer season on Saturday night.  He has never played indoors before and none of us were sure what to expect. But it was fun, fast-paced and Buddy did great.

 ***These pictures are not good quality. We were in a huge arena type building with poor lighting, while sitting behind dirty, scratched plexiglass and for the first 10 shoots I had my camera on the wrong setting. ugh!

 Buddy here in the middle with the ball.  
He would play the majority of the game and make a goal in the first period.

 Here he is getting ready.  That's one of his best buddy's, Benzo, kicking the ball. They have so much fun together.  Buddy would go on to score twice more in the second period.
Note the shoes... We went shopping for those on Thursday and at first he wasn't sure about bright green shoes, but after a closer look they are lime green with navy trim - think Seahawks... 
That's all it took for him to want them bad.
Buddy and his bud Benzo. They won 12-3!
And I have to admit I like the indoor soccer.  It was pretty cool.

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