Monday, December 5, 2011

This past week...

again I apologize for not blogging...I've been super busy.
Both Monday and Tuesday of last week, I was busy working on the youth program and was at church both nights watching the Narnia's movies in perparation for planning.
Wednesday night, I worked all day at the church office getting ready for our planning meeting.  I was also asked to start keeping up with my hours, as I will be put on staff payroll. WOOHOO! I got a job and wasn't even looking.  I was pretty happy about that and look forward to the extra cash.
Thursday, I took the boys shopping for Buddy's new soccer shoes which are awesome. 
Friday, I worked in the church office and that night was the company party, where we didn't win anything. and the food wasn't even that good. Not sure if we will even go next year.
Saturday, we went to D's basketball game then cleaned on the house, the Man really went to town on the van and cleaned it down to the last spec of dust.  Wow! Then we went to Buddy's soccer game.
And then last night, I went with my friend's from youth group to see Twilight : Breaking Dawn.
It was so good and even better the second time.

I'm also doing December Daily this year, so I'll try to get a post together about that super soon. 

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