Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - Babe Edition!

Here's a glimpse of the Babe over the last week and all that he is into. 

 1 - He is still loving his bottle.  This is the last one and when its toast we won't be replacing it. Dreading that.

2 - We seriously think he is going to be left handed.  Everything of importance he does with that hand and will even switch to it if we hand him something to his right.  He has also pretty much mastered eating with a spoon. That's so nice, again with his left hand. 

3 - He loves wearing hats.  Its so fun to see him walking around with them on. I'm actually kind of glad I have at least one boy who loves hats.  he looks so cute. 

4 - And yes that's mustard on his face in the pic above.  
Last week while I was at the movies, he managed to get in the frig and get the mustard.  He proceeded to open in and squirt is all over the front door and the couch.  Luckily, it was only on one cushion and with some elbow grease and strong carpet cleaner I managed to get it clean. 
He is just so fun right now although he's into everything. 

5 - He also got a magic marker and decorated Buddy's walls, pillows and bed sheets.  Mr. Clean Eraser got it off the walls, but I think the sheets and pillow cases will have his autograph on them forever. 
 Severe bed head - it was time for haircut number 2.
At the salon, Before!
The after!  He looks like such a big boy. 
6 - He doesn't mind haircuts. And again he sat in my lap with no fussing at all. Everyone in the shop just couldn't get over how calm he was.  I was grateful. 

 He adores his big brothers.
 7 - He has learned Buddy's name, but he hasn't quite got LGs name down yet, but soon, he'll be screaming it too.  
8 - He loves his animal figures and makes the cow and horse sounds.  Its so adorable. 
9 - He loves the bath.  He got in the tub fully clothed again. At least it wasn't full of water this time. 
 So I ran some water and let him hang out for a bit.  This is how I found him a few minutes later.  Just relaxing.  Who is this kid????
10 - He's also obsessed with the floor vents through out the house.  He has learned how to take the registers off and then proceeds to throw anything with in reach down into the vents.  We are having to clean them out about three times a day.   
At almost 20 months our lives are full of all things toddler!

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