Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hoping and Peach Yogurt.

Babe has been feeding himself for some time now.  You can call M.E. lazy, impatience or too busy, but I've not feed him myself for a very long time.  With this comes a variety of foods, that have been simply too messy for him to feed himself. 
For awhile now, I have denied him his love for Great Value Light Peach yogurt. I've been wanting send yogurt in his mothers day out lunch but knew it'd more a headache than his wonderful teachers would need. 

However today I decided to let him have a go of it.  Test my theory that his spoon-to-food-to-mouth skills were ready for it.

 At first he wasn't too happy with his mess and the fact it was all over him. Roughly half made it in his belly.
 But then he decided that it was okay for M.E. take his picture and added to his masterpiece.
 While he was at it, he had to let his feet get dirty too!
Yes, his pajamas don't match. 
In our house, you find the first shirt and bottoms you come to and go with it. 
 The floor was not denied in getting messy!
 Now he's having fun.  Especially grabbing the camera and smearing it with yogurt.
His hand is blurring the picture, but look at that face.  He knew what he was doing, no doubt about it. 

I think its safe to say, he's not ready for yogurt in his lunch box.

But I'm ready for another 70 degree day - paying no mind to the groundhog seeing his shadow. I've been happy we've had virtually no winter here in OK and would be please to slide right on into spring. Here's to hoping and peach yogurt.

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