Monday, February 27, 2012

We're still here!

I know you probably have written us off, but we are still here, just busier than ever. 
I apologize for not posting the last 25 days. Ouch, didn't realize it had been that long. 
But nonetheless, here's the boys at breakfast this morning, in case you have forgotten what they look like. Yes, they are eating pop tarts.  Monday's tend to be whatever is easiest as we just can't get moving.
 Buddy celebrated his 9th birthday on the 16th.  I can't believe I'm the mom of a nine year old. He had fun with his friends at the class party and then that weekend, the Man and I took the boys to a hotel with a small waterpark for the night.  It was a lot of fun, he got to pick a restaurant for supper and everything. I think the Man took a few pics on his phone.  I was too busy making sure Babe didn't drown to get photos.
His indoor soccer team in currently undefeated.  He is really good and he had 4 goals and 3 assist yesterday. They won 9 - 2.  He was pretty happy.
 LG has been doing really well at school.  He also been fighting allergies lately because its been really warm and windy.  The wind just won't stop and it carries everything LG is allergic too, so he's been sneezing a lot.  He has also begun a second round of speech therapy at school.  We are all excited for him to grow and be able to more effectively communicate.
 Babe is wilder than ever.  There's nothing he doesn't get into. Its getting to the point that I can't take him many places because he wants to climb, run, yell and be crazy.  Its cute, but annoying. I think he might actually have the so-called "terrible twos".  Just 6 weeks until his birthday, wow! He definitely thinks he's older than he is.  His vocabulary is really expanding too. He can finally say LG's given name.  He has called both his brother and an boy child the same name for a very long time.  Then last week, we came up with an easy nickname for LG and Babe took to it immediately and then just this morning, he was saying his given name.  LG was so, so excited for Babe to do this. He's even starting to put two or three words together.  Its great.
 The Man has been obsessed with baseball.  He has Buddy and his friends out on the field three days a week.  He shops for the team, emails, texts and talks about the team constantly, but at least he's involved. His work has been going really well. He's working on a big project and he is really liking it.
As for M.E., I'm on the go.  I'm still doing all my committee work, as well as, running the church's middle school youth program.  It's not been easy with my limited childcare options, but the boys and the Man have been so supportive and I'm managing.  Not that my house is clean, but when was it ever.  Looking forward to spring break for a little time off.  Perhaps I can get back into the blogging mode, but I'm not making any promises.

Thanks for checking-in and reading.


  1. Yay! Glad you guys are okay. Will email you soon. Sorry it's been awhile! :) Angie A from KY

  2. We left for a cruise that day we went to the Bahamas!
    From:Your Niece M.L