Thursday, March 1, 2012

Babe has an opinion!

I realize I posted a total of three times for February, so I'm hoping to do better in March.
I also realize one of those post was about yogurt and today's post is also about yogurt. Hmmm.

Just trying to focus on the little things in life so the big things don't overwhelm us.
Back story - 
 As you know, Babe loves yogurt, i.e. see the fourth post down.  So about a week after that post, Buddy had standard testing at school. And during standardized testing as his school, the homeroom moms are responsible for collecting money, buying snacks for each day of testing and delivering those to school - brain food.  As one of Buddy's homeroom mom, the mom with this duty was M.E. I emailed his teacher for a menu and one of the days was frozen gogurts - which is yogurt in tubs that you put in the freezer.
I've see these things on tv and in the grocery but they are expensive and quite frankly, I thought they were too full of sugar to give the boys, hence I never-ever had bought them, even after much begging in the yogurt section of the grocery.

Bare with M.E., my point is coming.

So I bought these for the class and had three gogurts left over - perfect one for each boy.  OMG! (oh my goodness) all the boys loved them and Babe flipped out.  He loves yogurt and to have it in this frozen but still very soft edible state that doesn't make a mess, he was thrilled.  And so was I.

So I bought a box (make that two) the next trip to the grocery, threw them in the freezer and the next school day for Babe, I put one in his lunch, so that by lunch time, it would be nearly thawed.  His teachers reported that he screamed when it was finished and screamed "mo".  So we now have a constant supply of gogurts.    And they just aren't plain yogurt tubs, they are nickelodeon inspired. 

This week Spongebob.
 This morning, Babe was still asleep when the brothers ate breakfast, so he had to eat after school drop-off.  I asked him several questions about what he wanted to eat. He said, "no, no, no" with head shaking and hand waving. 
Finally, I suggested a GoGurt. 
"es" he said and a word that sounds nothing like gogurt, but I knew that's what he meant.  He runs to the freezer.  I reach in and pull out a random yogurt tub and hand it to him.
"nooooo", he screams and hands it back to M.E.
I'm like what?, its a gogurt, you wanted one. 
He says, "pa-kick".
I'm thinking seriously? Really? I look at the tub and his has squidward on it. 
I ask, "You don't want the squidward one you want patrick?"
He says, "pa-kick".
I had a major decision to make, let him take or leave the squidward tub or reach in for a patrick.
 I gave him the patrick and he was very happy.
Who knew that at 22 months the Babe could know or care which spongebob character is on his gogurt tub? Apparently he does and pa-kick is all the rage!

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