Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday afternoon!

You would have no idea that its February and technically middle of winter here in our corner of OK. Its been so warm and dry all season. Yesterday was no exception, it was 65 and sunny.
Normally we would be hitting the playground afterschool any day over 55, but with the wind blowing, LGs allergies can't take it.  So we headed home, but once here, we couldn't go in. It was just too beautiful.  So I got the chalk out and we decided a few minutes wouldn't hurt.
After about 20 minutes, Babe and LG were covered with chalk and dirt and it was time to call it a day and get them in the bath. Not long after that, Buddy asks M.E. to come visit his town.

He is so creative and artistic.  I was very proud of his creation thus running back in for the camera.  He would then proceed to get the water hose out and clean the whole driveway.  I couldn't believe he washed his city away but he said you have pictures.   Yes, I do!


  1. He is amazing...does the cityville better than me...love ya and can't wait to see ya

  2. Oh we have a city planner in our mist, how wonderful, now

    L.G. can fly over Jack'sville. do you think Babe will be

    a transportation planner? For the city or the airport.

    He should be healthy, eating that yogurt!